Stability Storage

R.D. Laboratories' state-of-the-art stability chambers are equipped with a multitude of fixed sensors for continuous mapping and to capture electronic data. MKT is calculated electronically by either an individual sensor or by multiple sensors as a weighted average.

Our customers rest easy in the knowledge that our alarm notification system keeps their stability studies safe and secure.  With this system all appropriate supervisory personnel receive direct notification immediately from our alarm monitoring services and via e-mail if a chamber becomes out of tolerance.

Qualified engineering support personnel perform all regular maintenance and service on our stability storage chambers.  Maintenance and service records are available for inspection during audits.  All spare and replacement parts are inventoried on site at R. D. Laboratories to reduce the risk of extended downtime in the event of a chamber malfunction.

Some of our stability chamber features Include:

Storage ICH
Walk-in and Reach-in Chambers
Storage Conditions
25°C/60% RH
30°C/65% RH
40°C/75% RH

Specialty conditions may be arranged:

25°C/Low Humidity

R. D. Laboratories offers storage-only services to customers who need them.  All of our stability storage quotes are based on each individual customer's specifications.  Please contact us for a quote.